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Kelly and Bob regularly set aside a small portion of their budget for charitable donations.

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Talks between the U. As Carville noted ahead of the election, the recession in and was top of mind for many Am I Having Enough Withheld? If you fail to estimate your federal income tax withholding properly, it may cost you in a variety of ways. If you receive an income tax refund, it essentially means that you provided the IRS with an Title: Balancing Act: Saving for Both Retirement and College Tracking No: As a reminder, advisors using and customizing pre-approved materials must read and adhere to the policies found in section At a time when your career is reaching a peak and you are looking ahead to your own retirement, you may find yourself in the position of having to help your children with college expenses while at the same time looking after the needs The benchmark yield At p.

Real rates yields minus expected inflation crossed into negative territory last week, garnering attention from the financial press as an additional signal of an economy at risk. First and foremost, our thoughts are with all of those that were impacted by Hurricane Dorian over the Labor Day holiday and all those that are still in its path. Many have asked us what stocks tend to do after a major hurricane hits Business investment remains a critical component for this economic expansion. Capital expenditures capex drive productivity gains more output per hour worked , which enables economic growth while keeping inflation contained.

Economic reports released last week provided further confirmation that the trade war is Going through a divorce can be a difficult experience both emotionally and financially. If you are divorced, you are not alone: approximately 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce.

There is a good possibility that you or your spouse will eventually require some form of long-term care LTC. Long-term care insurance is one of the most complex types of insurance you may consider purchasing. What types of facilities are All expenses incurred will be charged to the allowance available on the date the services were provided or the expenses were incurred. Otherwise such funds will be subject to the direction of the Clerk of the House.

Applicable to equipment and software in both D. Please see the Security section for more information on district office security enhancements. Members may not use official resources to misrepresent their current official positions or titles within the House.

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Pursuant to 18 U. Contact the Committee on House Administration at x for more information. To assist in this process, the Office of Finance sends each Member monthly statements showing year-to-date expenditures and obligated amounts. The quarterly expenditures reflected in these statements are compiled and published as the Quarterly Statement of Disbursements, which is a public document.

Disbursements from the MRA are made on a reimbursement or direct payment basis and require specific documentation and Member certification as to accuracy and compliance with applicable federal laws, House Rules, and Committee regulations. Reimbursements and payments from the MRA may be made only to the Member, the Member's employees, or a vendor providing services to support the operation of the Member's offices.

Interns employed by a Member Office through the House Paid Internship Program are eligible for reimbursement of official expenses incurred as part of their official duties. Incidental personal use of equipment and supplies owned or leased by, or the cost of which is reimbursed by the House of Representatives is permitted only when such use is negligible in nature, frequency, time consumed, and expense. For example, limited use of government resources to access the Internet, to send or receive personal email, or to make personal phone calls is permissible, so long as the use meets the above criteria, and otherwise conforms with the Regulations of the Committee on House Administration and the Code of Official Conduct House Rule XXIII.

Each Member is personally responsible for the payment of any official and representational expenses incurred that exceed the authorized MRA. If a Member incurs an obligation to the U. House of Representatives and the amount of the obligation incurred exceeds the MRA, the Member shall pay the obligation from personal funds. If the Member fails to pay the obligation voluntarily, the CAO will deduct the amount owed from any pay, mileage, or expense money due to the Member in the case of a sitting Member or through an administrative offset or legal action in the case of a former Member.

Contact the Office of Finance at x or the Committee on House Administration at x for assistance with accounting and budgeting. Each Member is the employing authority; the Member determines the terms and conditions of employment and service for their staff. These terms and conditions must be consistent with applicable federal laws and House Rules. Under 2 U. The 4 additional employees must be appointed to one of the following categories:. The term "employee" means an individual appointed to a position of employment in the House of Representatives by an authorized employing authority including individuals receiving pay disbursed by the CAO and individuals in a Leave Without Pay or furlough status.

Interns, paid or unpaid, must perform services for the Member on a temporary basis as part of an educational plan.

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Examples of an educational plan include, but are not limited to, participation in the Intern Lecture Series, attendance at committee hearings, attendance at CRS internship training programs, etc. Each Member is responsible for determining the activities of the Member's interns consistent with these requirements. Paid interns may work for no more than calendar days in a month period, per employing authority, and are not employees for purposes of compliance with the minimum wage and overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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Start building a basic email list, set up your first cart abandonment campaign right away, and slowly iterate until you have a holistic strategy in place. Additional stationery requests writing paper, bond, etc. The cardholder may use the card to purchase travel-related services e. A audit found about 26, active disabled parking placards issued to people age or older in California. Duty of notification, insurance 1 The commission agent must keep the principal informed and in particular must notify him immediately of the performance of the commission contract.

The gross annual rate of intern pay is established by the Committee on House Administration. For the current applicable rate, contact the Committee on House Administration at x Any Member interested in employing a foreign national as an intern should contact the Office of General Counsel at x The use of unpaid interns is subject to regulations established by the Committee on Ethics.

Contact the Committee on Ethics at x Public Law , Section established an allowance separate from the MRA for compensation of interns. Interns participating in this program are subject to the same federal laws and regulations, House Rules, House regulations, and Ethics regulations as interns who may be paid with MRA funds. Interns participating in this program must be based in the Washington, D.

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In addition, these interns do not count against the Member's employee staff ceiling. The term "part-time employee" means an individual who is employed by the Member and whose normally assigned work schedule is not more than the equivalent of 15 full work days per month. A typical month has 22 work days so a part-time employee would be an individual who typically works 15 or fewer full 8-hour days per month, or the equivalent amount in hours e.

The term "shared employee" means an employee who is paid by more than one employing authority of the House of Representatives. Pursuant to 2 U. Member offices are not authorized to procure consultant services including, but not limited to: legal fees except where otherwise noted in the Members Congressional Handbook , speech writers, personal financial advisers, communications advisers, political party or campaign advisers, etc,.

Members may contract with firms or individuals only for general outside core office functions , non-legislative and non-financial, office services e. Such contracts are reimbursable. Such contractors are not employees of the House and are ineligible for government-provided personnel benefits.

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Members are advised to consult the Committee on House Administration before entering into such contracts. The Committee has set standards for many technology contracts in the Services section of the Guide to Outfitting an Office. If a Member employs a federal civil service annuitant, the amount of the annual annuity, when added to the annual rate of pay at which the employee is to be paid by the Member, may not exceed the highest rate of basic pay as authorized by the Speaker's Pay Order. The combined total of the civil service annuity and the amount of the salary will be charged to the MRA.

The term "detailee" means a non-Congressional federal employee assigned to a committee for a period of up to one year. The term "fellow" means an individual performing services in a House office on a temporary basis as part of an established mid-career education program while continuing to receive the usual compensation from his or her sponsoring employer. Fellows may not be reimbursed from House appropriated funds. Outside of using existing office resources, if a fellow incurs an expense as a result of work performed for the Member, the fellow may either be reimbursed by the fellow's sponsoring entity or a Member may use personal funds as authorized under House Rules.

The use of fellows is subject to regulations established by the Committee on Ethics. Ordinary and necessary expenses related to services provided by an individual employed by a temporary agency are reimbursable if the following conditions are met:. The term "volunteer" means an individual performing services in a House office without compensation from any source.

The voluntary service should be of significant educational benefit to the participant and such voluntary assistance should not supplant the normal and regular duties of paid employees.

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Volunteers should be required to agree, in advance and in writing, to serve without compensation. The use of volunteers is subject to regulations established by the Committee on Ethics. Telecommuting is entirely at the discretion of the employing office. An employing office is under no obligation to offer a telecommuting option to employees. Offices may obtain a copy of the Telecommuting policy on the Committee on House Administration website.

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