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I want to thank Scott for helping me every step of the way. He allowed me to call and…. I was there opening night and it was fabulous the wine and beer selection excellent as is the fine food! Good subs with friendly service. Not obvious from Main street, but worth looking for to be sure. No wonder it's survived for 35 years! From Business: Long Valley Pub and Brewery, founded in , is restaurant and bar that serves a variety of beers. The restaurant maintains a seven-barrel brewing system that….

From Business: We stopped in had a nice diner, the dining room could use a little updating as the space is huge. All the best to the new ownership.

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Burgers with ground beef from the "Chester Meat Market". Great Wings and Oversized salads…. Patrick's Day Parade Grand Marshall Michael Lavery will be on-site at the participating locations to help raise funds and generate excitement for the upcoming parade. The packets can be purchased at any one of the locations, Sheldon said, but they are only available during the Celebrity Bartender Events. Patrick's Day Parade fund. Joann Donaldson, owner of Marley's Gotham Grill, said that participating in the event has been a great way to encourage people to shop local.

Sheldon said that so far, many local residents have been treating the event like a mini pub crawl. Marley's takes care of their customers and at least tries to serve responsibly.

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And the food is generally delicious. So yeah, I would not be ashamed to have it as the face of Hackettstown. Just because you had one bad meal one night and a bartender that you clearly said seemed new to the business doesn't mean you should be insulting the whole establishment on a public forum. Next time you are dissatisfied with a meal, try politely explaining why and perhaps they will be able to fix it for you.

A pal gave me a copy of their menu back in This is my public letter of resignation as head chef of bea mcnallys in hackettstown. As of April 29 I have no longer been acting chef at that establishment, due to poor ownership, and disrespect for employees and numerous other reasons, I could not go on working there for the owner.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I wish everyone of the employees the best of luck and I thank them all for all the hard work and effort they put in to try and make that historic building the hub it should and could be. I had very high hopes and aspirations to turn that into the center of conversation and recreation for all the people of hackettstown, however I refuse to work for some one who degrades their employees and speaks to them like they own them and know more than anyone else which in fact we know is far from true.

Good luck everyone and thank you so much for your support hackettstown Yours truly Anthony trabold. Sorry to hear.

Bea McNallys Irish Pub

I was remiss in not getting in sooner to sample your menu. Another time and place i guess!

Best of luck. What a shame. The next thing we will be hearing is they are closing and we are going to have a big, empty building sitting there.

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I really hope they step up their game. Anthony Trabold - Wow! There must be something very wrong with the owners of Bea McNally's. Thanks for your efforts as head chef there. You did a good job, and the best to you in pursuit of your professional culinary career. You seem to be skilled and creative enough to be a good competitor. Called it!!! Exactly the reason my husband left when Beas opened the very first time H-town Mama, I remember your post, and you did call it..

Anthony, sorry that you and fellow employees were treated in a horrible way.. Your food is awesome, and you shall carry on and be rewarded for your culinary wisdom in another place! Not surprised.

Bea McNally's 3 24 2018

Since the re-opening, I've had 2 mediocre well, 1 bad and 1 ok meal there I'm not talking about just the food, but also the service. I realize not to blame the chef I wonder how Anthony's now-former staff will feel when they see how little faith he has in them to carry on his work. Although, as he never actually quit and this is the first anyone has heard from him since he walked out in the middle of a dinner shift last week, its probably nice for them all to get some closure.

I'm a little surprised at all of you. One of the jobs of an executive chef is to put together a kitchen team that can run smoothly in his absence.

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To imply that they won't do so is not only an insult to the people he just spent months working with and training, but is also an insult to his own skills. Bea's has been the hotspot in town for years, whether or not the food coming out of the kitchen is any good. That place makes so much money and it's laughable to think that losing a chef - even one so pompous that he posts his resignation on a public forum - will cause them to close.

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I've never seen a group of people so gleefully condemn a local business on the word of one individual, just because he worked at a fancy restaurant once. This is a small town where lots of people know each other. That said, my understanding is that the chef threw a tantrum and walked out during Saturday night dinner shift.

That's right, the chef who waxed poetic about customer experience didn't think twice about the patrons at the restaurant that night. Pinnacle of professionalism? My understanding is that there were hiccups after he left, but all in all the kitchen was able to get through dinner service very well, despite the dramatic show of their head chef walking out on them. If you had such an issue with the owners of the restaurant, please, fill us in on the measures you took on addressing your concerns with the owner?

Did you think of talking with him and coming to a set of steps and solutions to improve the overall quality of the restaurant? Based on your input on this site, I'd bet absolutely not. It sounds like someone in this thread does have inside information. And it sounds like you need to grow up and find a sense of professionalism. Until then, no one should take you seriously. As for everyone who jumps in to defend him or applaud him for his morals, all I can say is: LOL.

If I owned a restaurant and was looking to hire a chef and Anthony Trabold was up for the position and I happened to google his name and wound up on this page I don't think there's a snowball's chance in hell that I hire him. A true professional doesn't make public comments like that, irrespective of how things ended. Who wants to hire a guy who has demonstrated that he will trash you online in a public forum? I don't think there are many. Then add in Chef Wives' Club's statement that he walked out in the middle of a dinner service and this was the ONLY letter of resignation that he submitted?

I don't think anyone is gleeful but it certainly makes some sense if true as to why after several years they are yet to put a team together to hit there stride.

Anytime we ever went it was bad to subpar and always thought what a shame for all the work and money put into the building.