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First-dollar gross

The 9th film from celebrated director Quentin Tarantino is guaranteed to be a slick, fun ride full of memorable characters and cringe worthy scenes. The film might even go on to be a significant pop culture event the way Pulp Fiction was twenty-five years ago.

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Sony, would reap the rest of the box office haul. Later on Tuesday, Sony said on Twitter that much of the reports about the deal between the two studios had been mischaracterized. Much like "Men in Black International" this feels like a film that people wouldn't mind seeing, but I don't expect people to cancel their plans in order to watch it. Mysterio, who, contrary to his initial depiction, was just as villainous as his printed page counterpart. Actor Tom Holland is still contracted for two more Spider-Man films.

And some believe the film almost certainly going to finish on the low end of that scale. These projections are not surprising more on that in a moment but should raise plenty of concern among studio accountants. The same principle can be applied to box office projections … especially for a movie by a filmmaker with such a distinctive style and sometimes niche audience. When Sony acquired the rights to the film nearly two years ago, Tarantino made several big requests; all of which the studio seemed to have agreed.

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The financial realities here are that Tarantino has every thing to gain and nearly nothing to lose. What would possess Sony to agree to such a bad deal? Well to understand this, we have to rewind the clock by two years. You see, once upon a time in Hollywood there was a studio named Sony and they had some trouble …. Sony Pictures was still reeling from the fallout of one of the worst hacks in the history of any industry let alone the worst ever seen in Hollywood. There was political fallout. There was financial fallout. Key relationships were damaged. Public confidence was fading.

Some individuals involved will never fully recover. So in the years immediately following the hack, the powers that be at Sony Pictures were working desperately to bring the studio back to relevance.

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It is with this sense of desperation that they came to the table with Tarantino and courted him with every frill they could offer. And in fairness, according to reports, there were at least two other studios also vying for the rights to produce and distribute the filmmakers next big project. Tough negotiations occurred between the parties, and a Sony insider says that Tarantino did not get the full 25 percent of first-dollar gross that he had requested.

The accusations levied, lawsuits and criminal charges filed against the movie mogul made Weinstein the most vile man in Hollywood. It was a business necessity that Tarantino separate himself from both Miramax and The Weinstein Company. Even with this and the disappointing box office performance of The Hateful Eight , Tarantino seemingly came to the negotiation table in a position of power.

I know what you probably have two questions: there was a Shaft "trilogy? I can't answer that.

It's probably for a team of medical professionals to decide. But between Isaac Hayes' theme song and score and the performance of Richard Roundtree I was a fan for life so of course I was down for the remake in which I saw on opening weekend. These numbers were good, but not good enough to warrant a string of sequels international box office was pretty weak. But it's ; you know it's impossible to keep a potentially viable piece of intellectual property down. This new version of "Shaft" brings three generations of John Shafts together. Original star Roundtree, star Samuel L.

Jackson and Jessie T. Whereas the previous versions of "Shaft" were gritty detective movies with dashes of dark humor and action this new version is leaning heavily on a comedic tone and a lot more action based on all the marketing that I've seen. Much like "Men in Black International" this feels like a film that people wouldn't mind seeing, but I don't expect people to cancel their plans in order to watch it.

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I need to see some good reviews or signs of life from Thursday night previews. Otherwise I think there are better values out there. Which pains me to say since I'm one of the few people in the world to own the original "Shaft" trilogy on VHS. Based on reviews and word of mouth thus far "Late Night" apparently delivers the goods. But I don't expect it to shoot out of the gate this weekend.

This is one of those films that audiences need to discover hence the initial platform release and I don't see audiences rushing out to see it en masse.

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Although I like the films long-term prospects I think it's going to be tough for it to stand out this weekend. Neither "Men in Black International" or "Shaft" will be able to siphon away family audiences from "Pets 2. This weekend's crop of films reminds me of those NFL weekends where there are no sure things on the slate.

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But there are no stay away weekends in Fantasy Movie League, so I'm going to roll the dice with "Pets 2" and hope for the best. The show must go on…. My picks for this weekend's top 5 in total box office this week's cost in FML Bux in parentheses :. However, "The Dead Don't Die" is the most mainstream he's ever gotten.

He's tackling zombies for god's sake. His growth as a character was a set up for future films in the franchise. Spider-Man has long been a fan favorite character and his introduction to Marvel was a boon for both studios. The deal not only meant that Marvel would be involved in Spider-Man's solo projects, but that the character could appear in other Marvel films, something that often happens in the series.

A fresh faced Peter Parker, played by the charming, but adorably awkward, Tom Holland, was just the right recipe for the Marvel. The studio now had a younger character who could grow and take on greater responsibility in future films. How Disney would go forward without Spider-Man is certainly a question the company would have to answer for fans — and quickly. Already social media is buzzing. Fans, who have devoted a decade to the franchise, want Spider-Man to remain part of the saga.

Even actor Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in the Marvel films, spoke out about the deal breaking down.

'Spider-Man' divorce is bad for Disney and Sony

However, this could be especially tricky considering the events of Spider-Man's most recent film "Far From Home. Then there was the twist that Marvel staples Nick Fury and Maria Hill weren't actually themselves during the entirety of the film. They were friendly Skrulls in disguise. Can they still set it 5 years post-snap?

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Can they follow through on that end-credits scene? You have Holland, but what else? If Sony were to move forward with its own Spider-Man films, unaffiliated with Marvel, it would have to create a completely different Spider-Man. It also retread through Peter Parker's origin story, something moviegoers had already seen. Some suggest that Sony wouldn't have been able to achieve this feat without the help of Marvel.